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EuSecPred - EUkaryotic SECretome PREDiction pipeline

The EUkaryotic SECretome PREDiction pipeline (EuSecPred) aims to screen eukaryotic secretory/excretory proteins by predicting the subcellular localization with programs of tmhmm-2.0c [1], kohgpi-1.5 [2], MitoProtII [3], nucpred-1.1 [4], NLStradamus.1.7 [5], PredictNLS [6], PSORT II [7], WoLF PSORT [8], targetp-1.1 [9], signalp-4.1 [10], SecretomeP-1.0 [11], Phobius [12] and ScanProsite [13].

Restrictions: At most 50 sequences per submission. The email option is encouraged for more than 10 sequences.

Organism Type:    NucPred Threshold:    MitoProtII Threshold:    SecretomeP Threshold:    Email: