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Your selection and setting would not take effect of the output for this is a demo!
The number in "GREEN" color is the number of genes associated to the GO term. From left to right, they are number of the first and second input file. The float in color of "RED" is the percentage of the associated gene number to the total provided gene number. They are also in the same order of the gene number. The float of "BLUE" is the p-value of Pearson Chi-Square test between the gene numbers of the two input dataset. However, it does give 'Ml' standing for meaningless if any of the expected counts are less than 5. And 'Na' stands for not available of the p-value of Pearson Chi-Square test.
'««' indicates remarkable relationship, if the p-value is below the significant level of 0.05.

Ontology type:  GO level:  
 GO level:
Cellular Componentjob id: demo
     38:36 (1.3:1.3) [0.949] GO:0005576 extracellular region; [Gene List]
         2:3 (0.1:0.1) [Ml] GO:0005578 proteinaceous extracellular matrix; [Gene List]
         1:0 (0.0:0.0) [Ml] GO:0005615 extracellular space; [Gene List]
     494:532 (16.5:19.0) [0.012] GO:0005623 cell; [Gene List]««
         274:284 (9.1:10.1) [0.193] GO:0005622 intracellular; [Gene List]
         251:286 (8.4:10.2) [0.015] GO:0016020 membrane; [Gene List]««
     1:2 (0.0:0.1) [Ml] GO:0019012 virion; [Gene List]
         1:2 (0.0:0.1) [Ml] GO:0019028 viral capsid; [Gene List]
     2:3 (0.1:0.1) [Ml] GO:0031012 extracellular matrix; [Gene List]
         2:3 (0.1:0.1) [Ml] GO:0005578 proteinaceous extracellular matrix; [Gene List]
     222:224 (7.4:8.0) [0.391] GO:0043226 organelle; [Gene List]
         156:153 (5.2:5.5) [0.654] GO:0043227 membrane-bound organelle; [Gene List]
         77:84 (2.6:3.0) [0.315] GO:0043228 non-membrane-bound organelle; [Gene List]
         222:224 (7.4:8.0) [0.391] GO:0043229 intracellular organelle; [Gene List]
     93:89 (3.1:3.2) [0.864] GO:0043234 protein complex; [Gene List]
         7:8 (0.2:0.3) [0.695] GO:0000502 proteasome complex (sensu Eukaryota); [Gene List]
         0:3 (0.0:0.1) [Ml] GO:0000786 nucleosome; [Gene List]
         0:1 (0.0:0.0) [Ml] GO:0005643 nuclear pore; [Gene List]
         4:3 (0.1:0.1) [Ml] GO:0005667 transcription factor complex; [Gene List]
         1:2 (0.0:0.1) [Ml] GO:0005744 mitochondrial inner membrane presequence translocase complex; [Gene List]
         2:0 (0.1:0.0) [Ml] GO:0005834 heterotrimeric G-protein complex; [Gene List]
         1:1 (0.0:0.0) [Ml] GO:0005851 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 2B complex; [Gene List]
         1:1 (0.0:0.0) [Ml] GO:0005853 eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1 complex; [Gene List]
         16:5 (0.5:0.2) [0.025] GO:0005875 microtubule associated complex; [Gene List]««
         1:1 (0.0:0.0) [Ml] GO:0005941 unlocalized protein complex; [Gene List]
         1:1 (0.0:0.0) [Ml] GO:0005942 phosphoinositide 3-kinase complex; [Gene List]
         1:0 (0.0:0.0) [Ml] GO:0005945 6-phosphofructokinase complex; [Gene List]
         5:1 (0.2:0.0) [Ml] GO:0008076 voltage-gated potassium channel complex; [Gene List]
         0:1 (0.0:0.0) [Ml] GO:0008290 F-actin capping protein complex; [Gene List]
         1:0 (0.0:0.0) [Ml] GO:0008537 proteasome activator complex; [Gene List]
         0:2 (0.0:0.1) [Ml] GO:0009317 acetyl-CoA carboxylase complex; [Gene List]
         0:2 (0.0:0.1) [Ml] GO:0009343 biotin carboxylase complex; [Gene List]
         1:1 (0.0:0.0) [Ml] GO:0016272 prefoldin complex; [Gene List]
         4:6 (0.1:0.2) [Ml] GO:0016459 myosin complex; [Gene List]
         2:1 (0.1:0.0) [Ml] GO:0016469 proton-transporting two-sector ATPase complex; [Gene List]
         3:1 (0.1:0.0) [Ml] GO:0016585 chromatin remodeling complex; [Gene List]
         2:4 (0.1:0.1) [Ml] GO:0016591 DNA-directed RNA polymerase II, holoenzyme; [Gene List]
         0:1 (0.0:0.0) [Ml] GO:0016600 flotillin complex; [Gene List]
         38:45 (1.3:1.6) [0.275] GO:0030529 ribonucleoprotein complex; [Gene List]
         0:1 (0.0:0.0) [Ml] GO:0030880 RNA polymerase complex; [Gene List]
         2:3 (0.1:0.1) [Ml] GO:0043235 receptor complex; [Gene List]
         2:0 (0.1:0.0) [Ml] GO:0045275 respiratory chain complex III; [Gene List]
         2:0 (0.1:0.0) [Ml] GO:0045285 ubiquinol-cytochrome-c reductase complex; [Gene List]
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